On a rainy day ! ! ! :)

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On a rainy day…. When I heard this topic I felt to write something poetic. I will share some sweetest memories with u On a rainy day……! ! ! ! ! ! !

On a rainy day ! ! ! to hide under a blanket with a pillow to cuddle .. wow !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to have a cup of coffee with a romantic novel .. no words !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to stand under a tree with her.. lovely !!

On a rainy day ! ! !
to have an ice cream.. iceyyyy !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to watch the race of droplets at d window pane.. childish !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to share a cup of coffee with her.. sweet !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! a long drive in bike, to the top of hill.. hmmmm !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to dance in rain.. enjoyment !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to pose for a lovely snap taken by lightening.. kiddish !!

On a rainy day ! ! ! to see a colorful rainbow.. pleasant !

On a rainy day ! ! ! to sail paper boats.. dreamer !!
And finally,
Rain, it is the shower of blessings from god. When it pours on you, welcome it with happiness 🙂 On a rainy day ! ! !


My day @ Start-up City 2012, Silicon India

It was 22nd June 2013, myself and one of my college mate Satya, proved lucky enough to attended Start-Up City 2013 at Silicon India, Bangalore.




In fact we were clueless about the events included in Start-Up City 2013 .When we reached there we were provided with a route map to various auditorium. At each venue the topics discussed was different. Each of the topics was handled by expertise in that respective field. We decided to move to auditorium #1. The discussion there was about Internet, Mobile and E-Commerce. It was quite interesting and I gained some insights about the topic.


 After the speech got over we decided to move towards the stalls where Start-up companies were displayed. Once we reached there we realized that people standing next to us were top executives, people at stalls found us  new to this area and they never turned towards us. To hide our real identity (that we were jobless) and to make them talk to us, we decided to tell that we are about to start our company soon and we would like to hear some interesting ideas which will be helpful for it. And the idea turned-out fruitful people started exchanging their contacts with us.


I took this opportunity as a way to build up my career. I decided to collect as much contacts as possible so that I can find the best fit for my profile.

I was blessed enough to use this opportunity at its max. I got so many contacts. Now I feel more confident to start my dream company. And I really hope my dream will get converted to reality soon. 

My Experience @ Microsoft BizSpark

This is an old memory which I experience long back but it was my first such type of event. I was very excited to go there, it was like my dream to visit Microsoft campus.
I know if I simply walk into Microsoft campus, even the security guards will not allow me inside, but that day every people in the reception was welcoming us with smile. Us I mean myself and my good friend went together, in fact he got my passed to entry for the event.
It was two days program and it gave me opportunity to learn many things. It was mainly about presentations about Start-up companies. First day the competition was between Start-ups in Bangalore and simultaneously the event was conducted in 10 different cities, winner from each city will be selected to present on the second day of event.
I always had a dream of starting up my own company so going to such events helped me in learning many new things and also getting some ideas about business. I really loved the event.
And the main thing was because of this event I became famous among my fellow mates. I was the only guy from my college who is attending such event and when I updated my status that I am going to Microsoft event people came flaunting behind me 😛 I had fun. I learned new things and that two days made a great change in my attitude and behavior  I learned how to network with people , met many new people and got their contact. That was a great day in my life.

Lessons from MSD

Have you seen Namma Thala Dhoni’s during and after matches, you can learn many things from that cool man.

Lesson #1:Stay cool and calm. 
He stays cool even during hard times. When your company is facing difficult situations always stay cool and take decisions. If you become tensed then your decisions may go in wrong directions.

Lesson #2: Take Risk.
Always take risk, but take calculated risk. If you never take risk you will not learn new things and will never reach heights. If you see Dhoni , he takes risk and tries new things , eg: giving final over of world-cup T20 to Johinder Singh even when experienced bowler had an over left, that’s the only reason he could achieve many things.
It is not necessary that all your risks should succeed, even if you fail you learn new things and gain new experience.

Lesson #3: Don’t blame.
If somethings fails don’t try to blame others. When you see Dhoni, if team India fails , he never blames his boys, he says its because of my wrong decision we failed. And if team India won he never take credits, he says his batsmen or bowlers performed well. When working in team never try to blame your team mates and never take self credit for the success of team.

Lesson #4: Be an all-rounder.
Never restrict yourself in learning or trying new things. Dhoni is a wicket keeper, there is no need for him to bowl, but when got chance he comes and bowls, he tries to be a all rounder. Like ways never restrict yourself and never miss opportunities.