For You Nirbhaya .. Hang The Rapist !!!

Please take 5 minutes to read this post. I write this post for Nirbhaya, the Delhi Brave Heart. I know nothing is going to change by me writing this post because we live in INDIA. I am not here to criticize India; I just want to express my feelings.
 The incident happened on 16th December 2012, Delhi, India. A 23 year girl was brutally killed by 6 animals (they don’t deserve to be addressed as humans). Even animals won’t do such things. The girl was beaten with iron rod and raped by those 6 animals. The iron rod was used for penetration which damaged her internal organs. The police spokesman said one of the accuse abused the victim twice and ripped off the internal organs with bare hands. Due to internal injuries, bleeding and organ failure she died in 13 days of incident. The case was put into fast court and it took 9 months to process (fast court in India is 9 months).

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