The days without you is not lived,

The pain throbs in my heart.

I wish I could do this over and start from the beginning.

Your emptiness targeted my happiness, and took away my fun.  

If I could touch Dali’s clock,

I’d rebuild the hands of time.

To a time, when I was with you, to restore all of my memories.

If I could cast some magic, I’d snap my fingers to bring you here.

But life is not that easy,

We make things so hard.

What started out as easy, has signed off with sorrow’s regards.

I’m in a daze, a dream which I can’t wake from.

As the world moves around me, my emotions are still numb.

If one day if I achieve things which you wished.

Believe me…

They mean nothing, if I can’t share them with you. 

As you rest on your happy pillows, I wet my pillows.

I have come to my conclusion, that separation is divine.

Maybe one day you’ll return, to color my life.

But nothing I do can reclaim you. And only God knows why.  

I’m speeding to get nowhere, while staring in my rearview.

The road has gone far away, with still no signs of you. 


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