My visit to North Kerala and Muthappan Play

I visited my family friend in Kannur and got an opportunity to see Muthappan play. I had great time and here is the post on Muthappan and few pics I clicked.

To the folks who doesn’t know Muthappan – Sree Muthappan is a folk Hindu deity commonly worshiped in the North Malabar region of Kerala and Coorg region of Karnataka, India. Muthappan is considered to be manifestation of lord Shiva.

Worship of Muthappan is unique in that it does not follow the Satvic Brahminical form of worship, as in other Hindu temples of Kerala. The main mode of worship is via a ritual enactment of Muthappan, performed daily at the Parassinikadavu temple. Fish and toddy is used as an offering to Muthappan, and people of all castes, religions and nationalities are permitted to enter the temple and take part in the worship.

Muthappan is believed to be the personification of two divine figures — Thiruvappana and Vellatom. The dual divine figures Thiruvappana and Vellatom are similar to those of the Theyyamkaliyattem of the northern Malabar region. Though Sree Muthappan is worshiped as a single deity, it actually represents an integrated or unified form of two gods: Vishnu (with a fish-shaped crown) and Shiva (with a crescent-shaped crown).

And here are few clicks..

Muthappan getting ready for the play



Muthappan in act



Finally!! Caught a kid enjoying the show


Thanks for the read..!! Share your views on comments below..


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