Stop Corruption – Stop Bribing God

Every Indian citizens dream is corruption free India. What ever we speak, what ever we do, who ever comes for power this is one problem, which can never be solved in India. Reason is simple, we are used to bribing others to get a work done, and they we are used to get bribe to do a work. It’s so common in our day-to-day life that we cannot avoid.

What’s the first step to stop corruption in India?

As Indians one thing we are afraid of is GOD. India has more religions and caste than any other countries in world. And it’s easy to convince any person to do anything in the name of God.

Before you read this blog, just wanted to say its completely my personal opinion. If have same feeling its well and good, else just consider it as yet another blog post and move on with your life.

Coming back, Lets find where the root cause of corruption is,

Today morning I went to temple, every time we go to temple we use to put money in hundi, even I use to put when ever I go to temple but today I dint put any money. I don’t know why I got this feeling today, but it made complete sense to me. Nowadays we go to temple only when we got any problems. It’s not bad that we go to temple when we have problems, when we go to temple we feel relaxed and good. But we don’t stop by just going and praying to solve our problems. We pray and bribe god that if our problem is solved we will give x thing. We even taught god about bribing.

In olden days, kings build temple for homeless people to stay, and they collected money in temple to give food to poor people. Today, am not sure how many temples allows homeless people to stay or give food to poor people, because today temples, poojaries, and god-men are richer than many business people or celebrities. I have personally seen richies going and eating anathanam(free food given at temple), which was suppose to be given to poor homeless people.

I believe first step to stop corruption in India, is to stop bribing God in temple.

If you still feel, giving money in temple will solve your problems and make you happy. Instead of bribing god, donate that money to some charity or orphanage. It will at least give them a meal for a day. If you really believe God and if you think putting money in hundi will make God help you, then your thoughts about God is wrong. Even your God would prefer you giving money to person who needs it, than giving to him. Just think about it.


Call me atheist, call me non-sense, but it makes perfect sense for me to give the money I put in temple to a homeless needy. Their smile and blessing is more powerful than your God.

If you want to know where the money you give in temple goes, watch this video.

Stop bribing God, stop bribing anyone. Make India corruption free.


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